Today is a very special day for me. Besides my birthday, I’m finally launching my blog. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and it was nice to finally get it off the ground! :D

I decided to use Hugo framework to speed up development and be more concerned with creating content than developing the blog itself. The experience was wonderful and, for those who want to create their own blog, I highly recommend it as deploying it on Netlify is very easy. ;)

It’s possible that I’ll make a tutorial on how this creation process was right here on the blog itself. Keep an eye out! :D

The blog proposal

As I said before, it’s been a while since I wanted to create a personal website/blog, and the reason for that was so that I could share my learning with people and also help them in some way. And in the dev world I believe that nothing beats a blog to communicate with other programmers. It’s a way of being able to contribute to everyone who, directly or indirectly, helped me too.

I’ve always been a very curious person, and I’m not just talking about software development. I’m curious about different subjects and here it ends up being a place of mine that I can share it with anyone who wants to read it. I believe this is going to be the most happening here.

Another reason is that I’m sure I’ll learn a lot doing all of this, and that I’ll evolve a lot in the process!

Want to help?

Here I created a google form where you can suggest content for the blog. I will take this data and always try to create some content based on the responses I get.

Thank you very much for reading this far, I hope that reading the blog will inspire you to carry out your projects too.

See you! :)